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Business finance is no longer solely the domain of banks or specialist brokers, the AFG Business platform has handed the keys to AFG brokers to get involved. We’ve seen over 1200 brokers seize this opportunity by gaining their AFG Business Accreditation.

We’ve been crunching the numbers, and over 27% of AFG brokers’ clients are self-employed, so they and may have a potential need for commercial finance. We’re here to help you start the conversation.

AFG Business SMART allows you to manage the needs of both your Residential and SME customers to provide targeted loan communications, prospect for new business and start the commercial conversation.

One-off welcome email and product-specific ‘check-in’ campaigns

They will receive regular updates from you to keep them ahead of the pack.

Business welcome campaign

Targeted to customers needing business lending solutions.

Insights business newsletter

Professionally written quarterly e-newsletter covering a full range of business and businesses lending topics and you are provided with a range of customer insights based on responses to an inbuilt customer interest survey.

Insights comes at no additional cost and is included in the monthly Business SMART fee.

Business settlement campaign

Your Business settlement campaign is your ‘thank you’ message.

Biannual prospecting campaign

Reach out to your clients and customers to let them know you are a fully accredited business broker.

Business product campaigns

Settlements via the AFG Business platform

The conversations and timelines for business lending are as varied as the product options available. Our product specific business campaigns keep you and your customers up-to-date throughout the key touch-points specific to the needs of your customers.

We’ve created individualised campaign pathways for our core set of business lending options so that your communications cycle is optimised. In summary, depending on the type of business finance the client has taken out, they will receive communications at different times and with different messages – all designed to keep you top of mind and choosing you when ready to review their finance.

Product campaigns included:

  • Overdraft campaign
  • Term Loans
  • Asset Finance
  • Unsecured Business
  • Invoice Finance
  • SMSF
  • Line of Credit

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