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It’s no accident that AFG won Aggregator Marketing Platform of the year for 2018, and again in 2019. SMART marketing is our custom-built, industry-leading marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform designed to help brokers business achieve great outcomes both for their customers and their bottom lines.

SMART allows brokers to improve customer retention, protect their trail and drive acquisition of new customers through targeted communications, the right data analytics and a dynamic and professional website that helps their business be the best it can be.

We’re all about a great customer experience, and we’re all about business growth. SMART is just that; the smart way to get ahead.

The core Residential SMART program reaches your residential prospects and customers, positioning you as the finance expert. For a small additional fee, you can add on Business SMART and/or Commercial SMART to your marketing package.

Business SMART delivers a suite of campaigns that integrate into your Residential SMART program with the focus to drive business finance leads and prospects.

For brokers specialising in commercial finance, Commercial SMART operates as a standalone marketing solution. The focus here is on active commercial customers with deals written in FLEX.

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Email Campaigns
  • Welcome campaign
  • Rate alert campaign
  • Christmas campaign
  • Birthday campaign
  • Bi-annual prospecting campaign
  • Loan tracker campaign
  • Thank you campaign
  • Three year anniversary campaign
  • Red alert campaign
  • Haven: additional $30 per quarter/$3.15 per hard copy
  • Fully functional and maintained website
  • Suite of social media imagery
  • Finance guides for your customers
  • AFG Analytics
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Email Campaigns
  • One-off business introduction campaign
  • Business welcome campaign
  • Quarterly SME Insights newsletter campaign
  • Bi-annual prospecting campaign
  • Thank you settlement campaign
  • Product specific campaigns for; Overdrafts, Term Loans, Asset Finance, Unsecured Business, Invoice Finance, SMSF & Line of Credit
  • Fully functional and maintained website
  • Suite of social media imagery
  • Finance guides for your customers
  • AFG Analytics
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Email Campaigns
  • Settlement campaign
  • 1 year Loan anniversary campaign
  • 2.5 year loan aniversary campaign
  • Procure high-end commercial email newsletter
  • Suite of social media imagery
  • AFG Analytics

Time after time we hear from our brokers that they just don’t have the time or the resources to conduct their own marketing or just don’t know where to start or where to focus. You’re great at helping your customers with the right finance solutions, so stay focused on that, and let us help you do that better by building out your marketing communications and website.

Save you time and money

Outsource the time consuming operational elements of your marketing while keeping costs down. The SMART marketing team manages the email campaigns and your SMART website on your behalf.

Personalised communications

SMART emails are sent on your behalf, to your database, with your branding and contact details. All replies go straight to your inbox.

Exclusive access to AFG Analytics

AFG’s business intelligence tool to uncover your data trends and insights.

Relevant content tailored to Residential, Business and Commercial audiences

Relevant content tailored to your target audiences. SMART includes professionally produced and written quarterly newsletters, and a content library of social media images and posts.

Your own SMART website

Your one stop web solution where we host, manage and maintain your branded website. The website includes over 20 finance calculators and five downloadable guides. The contact form automatically sends you an email with opportunity details.

Builds relationships and hunts for new business

The automated product and loan term email campaigns are designed to build relationships, maintain your contact cycle and hunt for new business. No need for reminders, or manually tracking your customer’s activity, SMART keeps the conversation alive for you.

SMART results

AFG’s SMART program is designed to deliver the results that matter most to brokers such as increases
in customer retention, and repeat business from existing customers as well as significant overall
cumulative growth.

As the graph illustrates, on average our brokers on SMART are now seeing well over double the cumulative portfolio growth of our brokers yet to join.

For our brokers who use our SMART marketing program, the results speak for themselves. As the graph illustrates, on average our brokers on SMART are now seeing well over double the cumulative portfolio growth of our brokers yet to join.

Our broker portfolio growth can stem from many things including the fact we think we recruit Australia’s best in the business and have an increasing market share of the country’s brokers. It could well also steam from the fact that the SMART campaigns, websites, analytics and materials work so well and help deliver this impressive growth differential. Regardless, there is no question SMART is helping the trend and we like to think we’re a key driver behind these great results our brokers are enjoying!

Have your very own marketing team

What our brokers say

  • We've looked at many options with regards to CRM programs to stay in touch with our clients. What I like about SMART is it's simple, easy to maintain and most of all our customer feedback always seems to be always positive.

    Harry, WA
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