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It has been designed to help improve customer retention, protect your trail and help you acquire new customers through timely and targeted communications, dynamic and professional websites and the right analytics and reporting to help your business thrive.

Each broker’s database is profiled and analysed, separating customers based on their risk of discharging from the portfolio, behaviours and trends. This aim is to ensure maximum lifetime value out of each customer and each prospect. In effect, SMART acts as your marketing department for a fraction of the cost of delivering this service in-house, or outsourcing to a third party provider.

SMART is designed to meet your marketing needs.

  • Increase conversion rates of contacts without active deals assigned to them
  • Attract and engage web traffic
  • Build and nurture customer relationships
  • Reach out to customers at critical milestones of their finance journey
  • Provide the right analytics and reporting to help your business thrive
  • Saves you time and money and represents an unrivalled return on investment
  • Ensure your email and web solutions utilise state-of-the-art design and best practice at every turn

AFG’s SMART program is now eight years old, and on average members on the program have experienced exceptional results including increases in customer retention, and repeat business from existing customers as well as significant overall cumulative growth.

As the graph below illustrates, on average our brokers on SMART are now seeing well over double the cumulative portfolio growth of our brokers yet to join. Although the SMART campaigns, websites, analytics and materials perhaps represent just a few of the factors behind this impressive growth differential, there is no question SMART is helping the trend and we like to think we’re a key driver behind these great results our brokers are enjoying!


We do all the work for you

SMART emails are sent on your behalf, to your database, with your branding and contact details. Better yet, the emails come directly from you personally and all replies come straight to your inbox. The SMART marketing team manages the email campaigns and your SMART website on your behalf and you can easily access information on what your customers have received from you via FLEX.

SMART campaigns are built to ensure you touch base with your contacts and your clients at critical points throughout their relationship with you, from application and settlement and then on throughout the life of their loan. As new technologies emerge, industry trends shift and client behaviours evolve, so does SMART. SMART is constantly growing to ensure your portfolio and your business does too.

Your branded SMART Online website is updated regularly with new information and news updates as well as all the latest issues of Haven, the SMART lifestyle publication. These regular changes to the content not only keep the site interesting and relevant for your clients, they also help your google rankings when it comes to SEO as Google looks favourably upon sites that are regularly refreshed and added to.

From a web perspective it really is all done for you, freeing up your time to get on with what you do best – growing your business.

Being on SMART we manage and host your SMART Online website for you

Each month we send all your SMART communications for you to your customers

You have instant access to our business analysis reporting platform

SMART Online – your own website

Growing your business and your online presence with your very own SMART website

The SMART Online website provides you with your one stop shop web solution, with all bases covered. We don’t just build the site and leave it at that, we maintain your site, update your content and keep your online brand presence relevant and easy for your customers to find. And, it gets better. Each of the SMART campaigns link your customers back to your business site, providing your clients with a professional and engaging experience to complement the messaging in each of your emails.

The cost to build, maintain and host your SMART website is included in your SMART monthly fee, so you pay no extra for peace of mind when it comes to having a professional and effective online brand presence.


A choice of 10 different colour palettes to choose from, to complement your branding

Responsive and mobile design which means the site automatically resizes and responds differently depending on the screen size

Your branding and contact details on every page

An ‘About Us’ page which you are able to update and amend if you wish

Staff photos, the same photos used on your SMART communications

Social media links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts

Professionally written and compliant content maintained for you, to keep your clients informed and interested

The latest articles from the Haven newsletter and access to past issues

20 free calculators for your clients to use

AFG’s lender network logos, showing your clients the wide access of lender partners you have access to

Integrated with FLEX, connecting to AFG’s My Broker App and sending your web enquiries straight to FLEX as a new opportunity

Ever evolving functionality ensuring your web presence is the best it can be

How do your campaigns look?

  • Your company brand/logo 1
  • Your business name and photo 2
  • We handle your unsubscribes and notify you of your emails that bounce 3
  • Personalised to individual customers 4
  • All your contact and mailing details 5
  • Your compliance details and functionality all taken care of

The SMART suite of campaigns

  • Welcome Campaign
  • Annual Prospecting Campaign
  • Rate Alert Announcement Campaign
  • Birthday Campaign
  • Christmas Campaign
  • Haven Newsletter Campaign
  • Loan Tracker Campaign
  • Thank You Campaign
  • Three Year Anniversary Campaign
  • Two Way Red Alert Campaign
  • Speak with your AFG BDM to have a preview of the SMART campaigns

Haven – quarterly newsletter

As a SMART member, you can sign up to AFG’s quarterly lifestyle newsletter for your customers and contacts. Haven is available as an email and is the only SMART campaign to have a print option as well, given its long shelf life and great use as a referral tool. You are able to individually select which contacts receive an email version and which receive a printed version in the post.

Haven is a high-quality newsletter designed to hold something of interest for every member of the household. The lead articles are finance related and are supplemented with other regular lifestyle focused sections. These include interior design tips and tricks, recipes, gardening tips, health and fitness articles, book reviews, competitions and new products for the home.

Hear what our brokers have to say about SMART

We develop SMART to change with consumer behaviour changes

When SMART started 6 years ago the world was a different place, the mobile industry had just seen the first iPhone released and that would still be a few years away from landing in Australia. Since then how customers get information, read their emails and interact with businesses, friends and family have changed year after year.

We keep track of these stats and have been able to see that on average around 70% of users open and read SMART campaigns on their mobile device. To give your customers the best experience we have all our email templates as responsive design, meaning the design changes to the size of the device your customer is using.


Business Intelligence

It’s just like having your very own virtual Business Analyst on staff with Business Intelligence (BI) is an interactive reporting tool where you can access data on your deals lodged and settled, commission payments, portfolio growth, customer statistics, and all the key indicators which let you know about the health and growth of your business. It extracts and analyses all of the data from your FLEX Applications, Contacts and Commissions on a daily basis, updating every evening so you have the very latest data to hand.

With a host of pre-defined reports it will eliminate all of the guesswork, giving you the insight to help you make better and faster decisions. With clever reporting on your business patterns and customer statistics, you’re able to develop better forecasting and counteract any negative business trends before they impact your bottom line. This brand new Business Intelligence function is just like having your very own Business Analyst on your team.

The information you see in Business Intelligence will reflect your access to FLEX, so if you have Master Agent or Administrative access then you will be able to see the details across the company. If you have Loan Writer only access, you will only be able to see your own details and clients.

Commercial SMART

Growing our brokers’ commercial portfolios

AFG also offers commercial brokers their own SMART marketing program, aimed at ensuring your commercial finance clients, referrers and customers keep your brand top-of-mind when it comes to their commercial property, equipment and leasing finance solutions.

The commercial SMART automated email campaigns include;

  • A settlement campaign ensuring your clients keep you top-of-mind when the positivity of a settled deal is fresh in their mind
  • A one year anniversary campaign timed to reach your clients 6-8 weeks before the first anniversary of their settlement encouraging them to touch base with you for a review
  • A two and a half year anniversary campaign designed to hit at a time when many commercial clients will look to refinance, encouraging clients to get in touch with you for a health check on their loan
  • A quarterly newsletter called Procure, a high quality, custom written newsletter for your commercial clients, contacts and referrers


The commercial SMART marketing materials include;

  • A slick referrer powerpoint presentation for you brand and edit (only if you wish) to use when pitching to potential referrers
  • A potential client presentation to use when pitching to new commercial clients
  • Referral brochure artwork for you to brand and print letting potential referral sources know what’s in it for them (and their clients) when they have you on side
  • Letter, email and phone scripts for your use
  • Professionally written web copy for you to use on your website, compliance checked, up to date and ready to go
  • Why use a commercial broker brochure artwork for you to again brand and print so the tools you leave behind when you meet with a potential client work just as hard as you do
  • Social media guides to help drive your commercial business

How much does SMART cost?

SMART is less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, it’s that simple.

AFG technology toolkit


FLEX is a single access point for all customer data and products, eliminating the need to run multiple programs to perform different tasks.


Perfect tool for a one time meeting. Easily take clients through product comparisons, sign documentation, different scenarios and more.

Mobile Apps

Apps have changed how we communicate with each other, that’s why it’s a strong focus at AFG for our brokers to have the right tools.


AFG’s award winning custom-built marketing program that we manage on your behalf. Find out how SMART can work for you.


LYNK is AFG’s custom built referral management tool that will help you streamline your lead process for you and your referrers can use.

Broker Fact Find

An online customer website that lets your customer complete their information themselves and saves everything back into FLEX.


BrokerHQ is our online search engine that finds all the lender documents you and your staff need, making it easy to find what you need.


KnowledgeHQ is AFG’s purpose-built online learning platform where you can find all the information and support information on everything AFG offer.