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All the information you need, when you need it, on any device.

KnowledgeHQ is AFG’s purpose-built online learning platform where you can find all the information you need about FLEX, compliance, marketing, technology tools, industry news and business development.

The tools and materials take the form of the written word, two way blogs, real time live web conferences, as well as pre-recorded video for you to watch any time of day.

Giving our brokers access to more staff across the company

KnowledgeHQ is backed by a real team of real AFG people who are regularly updating the site with new information, responding to brokers as the queries come in, and the best bit is if there is something you want more information on, we’ll provide it.

And, added to our videos you can start, pause and re-watch anytime, there is also a calendar of live web conferencing you can book in for, if you’d prefer listening to one of our experts speak in real time, allowing you to type in questions and gain the response you need whilst they are speaking.

And of course, throughout the site, access to a panel of experts is only ever a click or call away.

More than just online training

Exclusive broker forum

Within KnowledgeHQ is an exclusive AFG broker forum, the perfect environment to ask questions to your peers in the industry and form those important business relationships.

Two way communication

KnowledgeHQ is also a two way platform, you’re able to ask questions and leave comments. It provides us with intelligence about the issues brokers are facing so that we can instantaneously develop materials as they are required.

Designed for all devices

KnowledgeHQ is designed to work on any screen size, meaning you can have it loaded up on your iPad and watch a tutorial video while working through the steps on your desktop PC.

From novice to expert, we’ve got you covered

The platform is a great learning environment for the broker brand new to the industry, with introductions to FLEX and AFG’s new way of working tools and marketing program as well as guides on how to brand your business, how to design a great web presence and how to grow a start up database.

KnowledgeHQ is also a specialised environment catering for the experienced broker wanting more information on the more advanced systems functionalities, marketing templates and business development guides and posts on how to leverage from their existing portfolio and grow their bottom line.

And, no matter how tech savvy you are, the materials are written to meet the needs of brokers both advanced in their use of emerging marketing and technology tools as well as those starting out.

KnowledgeHQ is designed to ensure AFG brokers are working faster and smarter than ever before, armed with the right business smarts, allowing them to spend more time doing what they do best, building their business.

Did you want to know more about KnowledgeHQ?

If you’re already an AFG broker just speak to your Business Development Manager today, but if you’re not yet with AFG, simply send through an enquiry and we will get you started.