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We are proud to say that 30% of Australia’s top 100 brokers belong to AFG.
The key to our growth is helping our brokers build their business.
The AFG suite of mobile apps are designed to work for both you and your customers.
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The key to our growth over the last 23 years is helping our 2,800+ brokers build their business, that’s why we re-invest profits back into our business.

Staff all across Australia

With over 190 hand picked staff across every state in Australia you will receive top notch service wherever you are, whenever you might need it.

Industry award winning

Over the last 23 years we have been awarded numerous industry accolades. It is with great pride that we have these as they demonstrate to us we are continuing to lead our industry in all fields.

We grow your business

Our focus is growing our members’ businesses. So whether you need help in sales, compliance, training, marketing, business development or credit – our team are the best in the industry to help you grow.

We build strong relationships, with a brokers and our lender network.

AFG continues to grow our own business and those of our 2,800+ mortgage brokers. Our brokers have boosted our monthly volume to well over $4.5 billion, growing our loan book to now well over $127 billion. That makes us one of the largest mortgage broking groups in Australia.

As our business grows, our brokers businesses grow.

The key to our growth is helping you build your business. That’s why we re-invest profits back into the company, such as the $70 million investment into our technology platforms and tools since we began back in 1994.

We invest in technology for our brokers.

Our powerful suite of tools for mobile devices and desktops isn’t simply about keeping up with technological change. They unlock the full potential of new technology and make sure you stay ahead of the game.  Adopting these tools within your business will help set you apart from the competition.  And, this is just the start.  We’ll continue to invest in these tools and innovations, so that gap is set to widen.

The team that works for you

AFG works hard to maintain our market-beating position by delivering an unrivalled package of products, systems and support to our member brokers. It is for this reason that 30% of Australia’s top 100 mortgage brokers choose AFG.

As an AFG member, you are at the top of our pyramid of support. Your dedicated Business Development Manager will work with you on your business plan, or help you develop a plan from scratch, offering the benefit of AFG’s full corporate experience to help drive your business forward.

Our Business Development Managers are focused on helping you to improve your revenue, your cash flow, your team and business resources. Where appropriate, Business Development Managers are backed-up by Relationship Managers who provide an additional level of support.

AFG’s member training goes well beyond the industry standard provided by lenders and institutions. Some members need extra assistance with IT and software training. Others ask for help with compliance and accreditation issues. Or it could be that you would like tools and advice to generate new customer leads and grow your business. We can help.

Once you’re up and running with our market-leading IT platform FLEX, our support team is here to help you every day from 9am to 7pm EST. Our IT help desk is staffed by the experts, who have helped develop our platform, and are able to trouble-shoot the most complex issues. AFG members enjoy a full complement of training and compliance tools to ensure they meet legislative and regulatory requirements.

We provide access to market leading PI insurance terms at significantly discounted rates and a dedicated Compliance and Member Audit Manager proactively supporting the member network.

Get the most from your business partner

Help with compliance

The best compliance system is one that seamlessly fits into your process.

Learn when it suits you

Our brokers want to learn and be able to gain access to answers anytime of the day.

AFG conferences

Range of unique conferencing and event opportunities we provide to our members on an annual basis.