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Have it all done in one meeting, with one app.

With our custom built FLEX iPad app you’re able to meet with a client, capture their information, evaluate their situation with a range of tools and calculators, compare possible products from our lender panel, have your customer sign documentation on screen and have the application ready to then submit to a lender.

Designed specifically for the iPad it is a much faster and more satisfying experience for both clients and brokers as it’s designed to work interactively with your customer at your side.

Capture all customer information on your first meeting

Your time is important and so is your customers, that’s why we’ve taken advantage of inbuilt technology of the iPad to allow you to capture all the information you need from your customer on your initial meeting.

More than just a mobile website, it takes full advantage of the functions of an iPad such as gestures, camera and email integration. Clients can sign on the iPad, you can use the camera to capture supporting documentation and all the documentation can be emailed directly from your iPad into their inbox.


One time data entry

We know that as brokers you spend the majority of your day on the road and with that you don’t want to come back to the office to re-enter all the information or documents you’ve collected again.

The app automatically integrates with our FLEX system, so there is no need for multiple data entry to different platforms. This allows you to be on the road capturing the data of a new customer and syncing to the cloud for you or your admin staff back in the office.

The mobility and ease of use of the app creates obvious time efficiencies and allows you to give a much faster and more impressive service to your clients.

Just some of the key features you’ll love

Our custom built FLEX iPad app takes full advantage of the functions of an iPad such as gestures, camera and email integration. Clients can sign on the iPad, you can use the camera to capture supporting documentation and all the documentation can be emailed directly from your iPad into their inbox.

Have customer documents signed directly on the screen


We’ve taken full advantage of the touchscreen capabilities so you can allow your customers to sign directly on screen, meaning you can have certain inbuilt documents like privacy consent forms, credit guide etc completed on your first meeting.

Capture supporting documents with the iPad camera


No more need to take clients documents back to the office to scan or photocopy them, use the iPad’s camera to take a photo of the documents. Each of the documents are automatically saved against the appropriate client file for the one loan application.

Compare lender products and create a comparison report


Using our product comparison you’re able to include all the loan features and requirements your customer is after, filter the results and select up to 5 products to create a product comparison report which can be saved or emailed to the customer straight away.

Find out more about the FLEX iPad App

If you’re already an AFG broker just speak to your Business Development Manager today, but if you’re not yet with AFG, simply send through an enquiry and we will get you started.

Flex iPad Branding

The app uses your logo and contact information

Your company brand promotion is something we make sure to build into all services we develop and the FLEX iPad app is no different. Your logo is included throughout the app; on all customer facing screens, calculators and reports that are generated.

The best part is when you update your information in FLEX it automatically updates on the app.

Full range of inbuilt calculators

With a full range of calculators you’re able to generate branded reports for your customers. Here is the full list of calculators within the app:

  • Borrowing capacity
  • Product comparison
  • Loan comparison
  • Total cost of purchase
  • LMI
  • Stamp duty
  • Repayment
  • Extra Repayment
  • Lump Sum Payment
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Everything else you can do with the FLEX iPad app

Operates within Airplane Mode or without an Internet connection *

Personalise default settings and contact details within the app

Easy set up! Download and use your FLEX ID to login, then you’re ready!

Designed for iPad and iPad mini, both in portrait and landscape mode

Set multiple default emails to receive all reports that are generated

Easily set a unique PIN to add security and also gain access quickly

Make use of a variety of calculators to generate reports for your customers

Create your compliance Credit Guide and Privacy Consent Form in the app

Background syncing of your data is saved back to the cloud daily

Generate a full Fact Find PDF with the touch of a button

Add an exit cost to a liability and add liabilities to the borrowing capacity to capture refinances

Instant access to all lender documentation through BrokerHQ


When you join AFG you are provided with these key tools that include.


FLEX is a single access point for all customer data and products, eliminating the need to run multiple programs to perform different tasks.


Perfect tool for a one time meeting. Easily take clients through product comparisons, sign documentation, different scenarios and more.

Mobile apps

Apps have changed how we communicate with each other, that’s why it’s a strong focus at AFG for our brokers to have the right tools.


AFG’s award winning custom-built marketing program that we manage on your behalf. Find out how SMART can work for you.

Business Intelligence

AFG’s reporting tool; giving you direct insight around your lodged and settled deals, commission, portfolio growth & customer statistics, helping you better plan, predict & perform.


LYNK is AFG’s custom built referral management tool that will help you streamline your lead process for you and your referrers can use.

Broker Fact Find

An online customer website that lets your customer complete their information themselves and saves everything back into FLEX.


BrokerHQ is our online search engine that finds all the lender documents you’ll and your staff need, making it easy to find what you need.


KnowledgeHQ is AFG’s purpose-built online learning platform where you can find all the information and support information on everything AFG offer.